Social media marketing is fast becoming one of the most important aspects of any online marketing strategy for businesses big or small. All over the world, businesses are discovering the endless benefits that it can offer, in terms of success and growth. It’s so effective in fact that around 90% of all marketers are now seeing more exposure generated through the use of social media with 80% seeing an increase in website traffic alone. With statistics like this, social media marketing can no longer be ignored. If you’re still a little unsure however, just take a look at the following benefits you could see when you select one of my four social media management packages.

Improved audience insight – the key to success is knowing your customers. Thankfully, social media has now made this easer than ever before. Via various social media channels, you can see just what your potential customers are talking about and get to know them better. This then allows you to tailor your online marketing more directly to your ideal demographic.

Improved customer service – social media can offer a more direct communication link with your customers and vice versa. It also allows you to respond almost immediately to comments, questions and concerns.

Content is easily shared – if content is King then shareable content is the great lord above. Social media plays a huge part of any content marketing strategy simply because it provides a quick and efficient way for people to share your content. Businesses and customers alike, can spread the word at the click of a button, giving you repeat exposure for no extra cost.

Increased traffic – without social media management, you limit your website users to those who are familiar with your brand or searching for the particular keywords you rank well in. By adding social media however, you add more paths that lead directly to your website. The more content you share, the more inbound traffic you can generate.

Enhanced SEO – SEO is constantly changing and it’s no longer enough to just optimise your website or update your blog. Social media is now becoming more significant than ever and without it, you risk damaging your rankings.

Money saving – if you’re looking to cut back on your marketing costs then social media is a great way for you to do that. Using social networks aren’t just effective in terms of generating leads and increasing conversion, they’re also very cost-effective too.

Social media marketing can be hugely beneficial to any business, regardless of size and it’s for this reason that I offer four different social media management packages, so no matter what your budget or business, I have something to suit you. For a more tailored plan, contact me at today.


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