*****JUST 5p PER WORD*****

Is content important?
In short, absolutely! There’s no changing the fact that words are incredibly powerful, especially when it comes to convincing a potential client of not only the quality of your services and/or product, but their need for it too. Add to this the fact that content on your website provides the foundation of your SEO campaign and it’s easy to see, just how important it is to get it right.

So why me?
I could fill the screen with letters denoting qualification after qualification but instead I’ll tell you exactly what you need to know… I’m the best. I’ve created content for websites, press releases, magazines and newspapers for a number of years and now not only do I know exactly what works, but I also know precisely what needs to be done. Whether you’re a prestigious hotel chain or a small local cleaning company, I’ve got the ability and understanding of the English written language to create the best quality content for you.

What’s involved?
As you’ve no doubt guessed, I like to keep things simple and efficient. I work with you closely from the beginning to ensure I know what you want, what your objective is and just what I need to do to achieve the desired outcome. Whether you’d like to offer a strict brief from tone to word count, or simply want to hand over a few details and leave me to do the rest, you can rest assured, I’ll deliver quality content every time. I also like to ensure everyone knows exactly where they stand by charging a simple flat fee too, of just 5p per word. This price is the same whether you accept the first draft, or the fifth!

So what are you waiting for? Contact me today via info@jenniferduhig.com for more information.